We’ve All Got to Start Somewhere


The kind folks of Dreams Come True Productions have asked me to write a series of articles that might give folks a little bit of insight into the world of writing (specifically the world of writing for film and television), somehow thinking that I would be an ideal candidate for the job. Foolishly enough, I decided to accept the task, and what you’re reading right now is what I would like to consider to be my introduction.

I have to make an admission before we can go any further: I’m not what you would call a “famous writer”. I’ve never worked on a blockbuster movie, much less one that made it direct-to-DVD. I’ve never had my name attached to a popular TV series or even on a credit receipt for a new TV. I’ve never gone on the road to give inspirational lectures on writing and be lauded as “the man to save screenwriting”, but I have been told that I have a voice for the radio (and a face to match). I’m not any of those things and will likely never be. With that in mind I’ll tell you one thing I’ve got working for me.

I’ve been writing for a long time.

I can’t say that I’ve been overly successful, but at least I’ve been writing.

I’ve written the gamut from long fiction, short stories, song lyrics, libretto, poems of all kinds, biographical articles, anthropological essays, newspaper opinion pieces, stage plays, and “interpretive theater” (don’t judge me, I was in university and decided to do some experimenting). I graduated from a reputable Canadian university with both a major in Creative Writing and an award of excellence for my work within the faculty. I’ve been a member of writers collectives, workshopping groups, and collaborations. I’ve participated in organized readings, gallery events, and have been a featured guest for a few readings. Despite everything I’ve written, will write, and am currently writing, my first love will always be screenwriting. I’ve done script editing for smaller productions, story generation/updating for a TV series, and written more scripts than I care to count.

I’m not the greatest writer in the world, but I am a writer.

The series of articles that you will find me publishing here on the DCT website will primarily focus on little tips, hints, and suggestions to help aspiring screenwriters with the arduous process of sitting down and writing out a script. Occasionally I might supply a bit of an anecdote, parable, or true-to-life tale to help make a point or to just provide mindless distraction (I never said that I was an entertaining person). I’m not here to give you the secret formula for writing the script that will win you an Oscar (hint: “inspired by a true story” tales of entertainers and artists during WWII), I can’t tell you how to make millions of dollars simply from a single story (hint: horror movies in recent history have proven to provide the greatest return on investment), but I can provide little lessons that I have learned that have made writing easier, more productive, and a touch bit more pleasurable.

If we’re lucky, maybe you’ll find something that will help you out.

If anything, maybe these articles will be good for a laugh.

Thank you very much,