Inquire about our services by filling out the form below, please allow 3-5 business days to process your inquiry. As an additional service, we can help you market your film. Social media helps our filmmakers connect with audiences broader and bigger than they ever expected.


We go through our database and contact individuals we know are suited for the position you are looking to fill. We speak with them directly and conduct an interview, if we find the candidate is suitable we will forward their information and portfolio to you. If you find that the candidate is a possibility for the position, you would contact DCT Productions and we will set up the interview on your behalf. Once you’re happy with the candidate and decided to give them the position, DCT Productions will invoice you for the amount agreed upon beforehand.






Our services include: social media posting via the DCT Productions social media accounts with the option to post on your film’s social media accounts. We design social media packages to suit your needs.  

LAUNCH → includes Facebook, Twitter

POWER → includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

PRO → ideal for any filmmaker requiring additional social media monitoring. Whether it be Pinterest, Instagram or other targeted social media platforms, the custom package will give you the freedom to dictate your online business presence. 

*For more details about our social media packages, contact us today!



Inquire about our services by filling out the form below.  For making multiple selections on drop-down menus, please hold control/command key and click on each option.

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Film Tip #1

Use cameras available for cheap

Having a “good” camera is not a prerequisite for getting your film into film festivals or posting it online. You should be able to get footage that is dynamic enough to tell your story – which should be your main focus.

Film Tip #2

Strive for Natural Lighting

Look for locations outside or with lots of natural lighting, as that will help you save on large lighting setups.

Film Tip #3

Be Flexible on Set

As unforeseen setbacks may occur on set, always keep an open mind in your decision making without increasing costs. Be ready to make compromises in your production.

Film Tip #4

Share Credit and Ownership

When working on low/no budget productions, the major downside is not having enough money to pay cast/crew very much. Put your ego aside, and share as much credit as possible. This creates greater buy-in & sense of ownership for everyone involved.